Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not Sleeping

Its just past 3 AM and I am in bed on the laptop. Just finished watching the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, was really wonderful. Anyway, I found some gorgeous editorials so I thought I'd post.

Camilla Åkrans Photography
Model: Tiiu Kuik
Photographer: Camilla Åkrans

"The Snow Queen"
Photographer: Tim Walker
Model: Caroline Trentini
Magazine: Vogue UK March 2009

Really love those last two images.


  1. thanks :)

    the song is by The Orb "White Fluffy Clouds"

  2. thank you for your comment:)

    love your blog, beautiful photos... great choise!!!

  3. Im in love with the colors of these editorials!! and yes that movie is great!!! :)

  4. thank you for your comment ^^ Oldboy is indeed very very good. shocking, but good! I love these images. don't know which series I like the most!

  5. Love that movie its beautiful isn't it! Love the first editorial

    camille x

    p.s thanks for the comment :)