Monday, June 15, 2009

Doutzen Kroes

So I got my July edition of Harper's Bazaar in the mail a few days ago and am thoroughly charmed by the girl on the cover - for someone who was placed on Forbe's list of top 5 paid models in the world (two years in a row now), I'm quite surprised her face and her name (Doutzen Kroes) doesn't seem more familiar to me. Perhaps what I was most excited about was the possibility of a magazine doing a cover story on a model; but alas this was not to be. Why don't magazines do more interviews with the models that always fill up their pages? I can honestly say that 99% of the time, I don't bother reading the article on whichever celebrity is blessing the cover that month, and if I even SEE another Angelina Jolie cover story I may just scream. That out of my system, Doutzen is simply gorgeous! Posting a few of her pictures from the shoot (Really love that last black one-shoulder dress by Akris). You can find the rest here.

Exactly 2 more weeks till I am at Parsons!


  1. i LOVE this cover - i have it sitting on my nightstand! i'm actually more familiar with her name than her face!

  2. thank you dear!
    and i love doutzen kroes-she is so so beautiful!

  3. Doutzen looks amazing! and I too am happy to see a model on a mag cover again..I just found out her name is pronounced "Datsun" like the car maker, lool..PS: thanks for your lovely comments too :-)

  4. I absoluteeeeely love her!
    she is incredible for me

    cool blog:)

  5. I'm not familiar with her either, but WOW!


  6. OMG, I love her, always have. She's like real-life Barbie. :)


  7. That girl is really pretty, & i love the pictures

  8. thanks for visit me, you've an amazing blog!!

  9. ergh i love her, especially her hair <3 fantastic shoot

    - frouu/ nadia

  10. doutzen kroes is incredible. beautiful.


  11. Me too - I wish they did interviews with the models on the cover. I'd really love to know more about them..

    I mean, what else about Lindsay/Angelina/Nicole/etc don't I know about? Nothing!