Wednesday, July 1, 2009


SO today was my third day at Parsons, and MY GOD they assign so much work! Last night I spent about 5 hours doing work and tonight I have even more work to do: 30-40 sketches minimum due tomorrow! Its definitely fun work, but quite time consuming. My croquies resemble people, thank god, but I'm certainly not off to an amazing start. Once I get back home I may scan some of my drawings that are presentable. The professors are amazing; I love both of them. On the first day of class, I had such a "You know you go to Parsons when..." moment: standing in front of class was OF COURSE Heidi Klum, taking pictures for [I assume] Project Runway. I wish I had my camera on me!
Anyway, Flickr is still not uploading my pictures. Does anyone know of any good image hosting sites that will let me direct link and whatnot?
By the way, thanks so much to all my followers and everyone leaving such amazing comments! I'm off to do homework - wish me luck.


  1. my mom was taking classes at Art Center in Pasadena, and just 1 class was SO many sketches were required each week, it was crazy! but that's how it is.
    good luck and have fun!

  2. Courage dear !!!
    I guess it's the price to pay for the Parsons-moments ?

  3. just wanted to tell you that i really love to read and follow your blog<3

  4. yeah. your life is pretty much amazing! i enjoy so much reading about it! seems so glamorous, almost surreal! but wow! that is toooo much work! ahh! good luck love!

  5. ah, you saw heidi! wow. you are so lucky you go to parsons. i know someone that's heading there.

    good luck! i'm sure you don't need it.


  6. Oh you draw ? I'm so jealous, i've always wanted to draw ! I can't wait to see the scans too :)

    I use to upload my pictures. It's pretty easy and the bandwith never expires.

  7. it's amazing that you are at parsons...lots of luck to you!

  8. that is so cool that you saw heidi klum! and that was a pretty awesome encounter with the guy who was looking for a stylist, if it was in fact legit. I hope youre having a fun time at Parsons. love reading the updates =)