Saturday, September 5, 2009

Natasha Obsessed

Well it seems that the world is just as in love with Natasha as I am: she is in Prada's new muse campaign as well as working with Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy. Here she is in an upcoming issue of Muse, and the rest of the images can be found here. I really want her genetics... ANYWAY, I'm already kinda really uninspired & bored by Gin & Roses' layout, so I shall have to craft another! Waiting for something amazing to come along for me to photoshop into something lovely. Any ideas?


  1. natasha is incredibly gorgeous, man that third picture is so scary! she also looked amazing in the septemeber issue of vogue paris :)

  2. That muse issue is gonna be unbelievable... Muse is always the best fashion magazine to me after Vogue Italia but this is seriously epic !!
    Nina Ricci shoes are so well done !!

  3. I love natasha too! This pictures are amazing, I'm going to have to get this issue of muse.

  4. Cool photos! Love the first and last one.