Saturday, March 3, 2012


Love doesn't begin to describe how I feel about this collection: I absolutely adore the super Italian-esque confections of the design duo D & G, and this collection is definitely a favorite of mine. The staples of the collection were black and white garments, heavily embellished with gold embroidery and ornamentation a-la-Baroque. I wish I could live my life looking as though I were walking down a Dolce & Gabbana runway, everyday! Reading through TFS, many people on the message boards seemed discontent with the collection, saying that it has been a while since Stefano and Dominico have deviated away from an inspiration that treats Italian culture as a kind of folklore. Sometimes designer's throw the same collection down the runway, season after season, and it gets old. But sometimes, a designer finds a style that is wholly theirs, and it works for them and they can cultivate it in new ways that allow its beauty to morph. Chanel tweed jackets never got old, and tight lace peek-a-boo dresses don't have to either so long as Stefano and Dominico work at keeping it beautiful and interesting, every time we see it. For now, I'm still not done loving their collections, and I'll be looking forward to more of their aesthetic come September.


  1. I'm speechless.. this was one of the greatest collections.. I cannot say how much runway shows have been going overboard as seasons come by... and the creativity on the collections as well.. did you see Chanel's scenario?, Prabal Gurung's jewerly or Balmain FF2012 collection?.. this last one and D&G's were my top favorites... just amazing! great photos

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning show x Sushi