Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm back. Its been a while but I have squirmed my way back to my long neglected blog. I know I am supposed to be keeping this blog as impersonal as possible, but I feel so long as the topic does not stray from fashion I am free to make notes as I please =) That being said, I am now a college drop out. Why? Because during this past year I really realized what it is I want to do in life: work in the fashion industry. I have a few fields I would like to dabble in - namely design, styling, and perhaps journalism. I plan on attending Parsons for their design program this summer, then apply to FIT and pray I get accepted based on whatever portfolio I can scramble up.

Now that we've gotten that out, I'll also venture to say that I went to the Met's Model as Muse exhibit quite recently which was rather lovely. Although, I must admit, I somewhat rushed through the exhibit, some of the fashion photography was really quite wonderful. I began googling Dovima and Avedon and found some noteworthy images.

Dovima by Avedon, Dior gown.

And now for some Avedon! Or what I think is Richard Avedon.. heh!


  1. wow, such a hard choice to drop out of college. I admire your ambition :> I inscribed myself for a medical study this year but my true passion will always be art & fashion as well. I don't know yet what to do, maybe I'll skip the medical study as well. thanks for following my blog btw, it is much appreciated! :>

  2. oh and the pictures are lovely indeed. we had an Avedon exposition in Amsterdam, awesome photographs!