Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Of course, as soon as Paris fashion week rolls around, I have a million and one things to blog about. Of course, Paris fashion week coincides with midterms... of course of course! I just happened to be stalking TFS and up comes Alexander McQueen's final collection - and how lovely it is! It's quite fair to say the man was an artistic genius, and I can only credit him as such here. The details of his clothes are nothing short of inspiring, and this last collection is absolutely gorgeous. He leaves no spot on a dress forgotten: every inch is meticulously detailed and planned. The embroidery on the first dress (and the sleeves) is absolutely amazing - I would love this as a wedding dress! I could go on and on, I'm sure, about this collection. McQueen was one of my favorite designers, and this final collection did not disappoint me (except, perhaps, in regard to size! I want more!). The fashion world's loss is truly immeasurable. RIP.


  1. rip mcqueen

    his last collection does him full justice and im glad that he left it with us :)

  2. I still cannot believe it!The fashion world has definitely lost a genious!
    His colletion is stunning(all his collections were)!

  3. ah how gorgeous is the last dress?!?!


  4. ah, Those dresses are so amazing.
    I'm still so sad about him.

  5. ah this collection is amazing, too bad he only made sixteen pieces before he died. so sad.
    he is by far one of the most marvelous designers of our time

  6. RIP

    Damn he was beyond amazing.
    The detail and pov is just so impressive!